Hazmat Training
Hazmat Shipping Boxes with Truck

HAZMAT Training

US companies that ship hazardous materials are required by law to ensure that their shipping operations meet all applicable domestic and international standards. Additionally, the US DOT requires hazmat training for all employees who perform a pre-transportation function that affects the safe transport of hazardous materials.

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A well-trained, confident workforce is the key to ensuring compliance with the regulations.  With Lion Technology's Group Training options, we can deliver top-quality training  to all of your team members and help you save your training dollars. Learn More

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If you are responsible for ensuring compliance at your facility, we will teach you how to navigate and apply the rules at one of our highly-interactive public workshops, online courses, or webinars. See why over 100,000 professionals choose Lion Technology training. View Courses

Over 100,000 industry professionals trust Lion Technology Inc. to deliver expert compliance training through public workshops in 65+ US cities, easy-to-use online courses, and private on site programs.