Lion Status Updates February 2021

Lion remains committed to helping our partners during the novel coronavirus outbreak. If you need additional information, please contact us at 1-888-LION-511 and our team will assist you. 

Read our latest Coronavirus Update to learn what Lion is doing to help organizations keep EHS compliance on track.

To see the latest EH&S news in regards to COVID-19, click here.

Make informed decisions for how to ensure the safety and well being of your team. Click here to download three free coronavirus resources: two COVID-19 workplace safety whitepapers and a recording of the latest Coronavirus and the Workplace webinar. Then, check out our COVID-19 training to help your employees return to work safely.


Is Lion Technology Still Open?

Yes! We are available for your hazmat, hazardous waste, EPA, and OSHA safety training needs. You can reach us Monday thru Friday, 8:30am-5pm ET. Plus, our weekend IT support is available 7 days per week (8:30am-5pm ET).

Are You Still Offering Workshops?

Your safety and wellbeing are our top priority. We are tirelessly evaluating and reevaluating our workshop schedule to satisfy your training needs while meeting State and Federal recommendations for public gatherings. Currently, we are planning our 2021 workshop schedule; please check individual course pages for details.

What Are My Training Options?

We just added more live, expert-led webinars , including new Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification and RCRA Hazardous Waste Management webinars, and are looking to add more soon. Plus, you can choose from over 100 online courses that allow you to train at your own pace.

We also offer COVID-19 Training, now required in many states. Click here to see a full list of states that enacted coronavirus workplace safety standards for employees.

I Need To Train A Group, What Options Do I Have?

Our group training coordinators are standing by, ready to answer your questions about the best training options for your team. Request a quote today for more information.

What If I Have A Regulatory Question?

We're still here for you! Our Finder Service is available for Lion Members to ask regulatory questions. Not a member? Join now for exclusive regulatory content, access to the Reference Library, special e-bulletins, and more to keep up to date on the latest changes that affect EH&S compliance. If you have an in-depth question, our Hotline and consulting services are also available.