Lion Technology Compliance Workshop

Since 1977, Lion Technology Inc. has been a trusted source of high-quality compliance training. With more than 100,000 satisfied customers, Lion's training programs have garnered praise from countless companies and government agencies. Convenient and effective public workshops, online courses, and webinars bring students back year after year. Below are just a few of the reasons for why compliance professionals continue to choose Lion.

Online course

My experience with Lion classes has always been good. Lion Technology always covers the EPA requirements I must follow. - Steven Erlandson , Environmental Coordinator
My experience with Lion training, both online and in the classroom, is that they are far better organized and provide a better sequential explanation of the material. - Robert Roose , Manager, Dangerous Goods Transportation
The course was very informative and presented in a way that was easily understood and remembered. I would recommend this course. - Jeffrey Tierno , Hazmat Shipping Professional
I had a positive experience utilizing this educational program. It was very informative, convenient, and rewarding from a career perspective. - John Gratacos , Logistics Manager
Lion's online training is more comprehensive, has better slides, and is a superior training experience than what I would get from other trainers. - Robert Brenner , District Environmental Manager
Lion was very responsive to my initial questions and the website was user friendly. - Michael Britt , Supply Chain Director

On-site training

The instructor was very dedicated to providing a quality experience. She did her best to make sure students were really comprehending the information. - Stephanie Venn , Inventory Control Specialist
The workshop covered a lot of information without being too overwhelming. Lion is much better, more comprehensive than other training providers. - George Alva , Manufacturing Manager
Very good. I have always appreciated the way Lion Tech develops, presents and provides training and materials. - John Troy , Environmental Specialist
The instructor made the class very enjoyable and catered to the needs of our group. - Sarah Baker , Planner
Amazing instructor; real-life examples. Lion training gets better every year! - Frank Papandrea , Environmental Manager
I can take what I learned in this workshop and apply it to everyday work and relate it to my activities. - Shane Hersh , Materials Handler

Public workshop

I have been to other training companies, but Lion’s material is much better and easier to understand. - Mark Abell , Regional Manager
Excellent. I learned more in two days with Lion than at a 5-day program I took with another provider. - Francisco Gallardo , HES Technician
Lion Technology workshops are amazing!! You always learn so much, and the instructors are fantastic. - Dorothy Rurak , Environmental Specialist
I attended training from another provider and learned absolutely nothing. Lion is much better. Hands down. - Nicole Eby , Environmental Specialist
I love that the instructor emphasized the thought process behind the regs. - Rebecca Saxena , Corporate Product Stewardship Specialist
This training broke down the regulations in an easy-to-understand manner and made them less overwhelming. I now feel I have the knowledge to make more informed decisions. - Amanda Oswald , Shipping Professional


The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided pertinent information above and beyond the questions that were asked. - Johnny Barton , Logistics Coordinator
Lion does a great job summarizing and communicating complicated EH&S-related regulations. - Michele Irmen , Sr. Environmental Engineer
I chose Lion's online webinar because it is simple, effective, and easily accessible. - Jeremy Bost , Environmental Health & Safety Technician
I have returned to Lion's compliance training for several years and prefer to stay with a trusted source. The material and presentation are far superior than others I have taken. - Robert Roose , Manager, Dangerous Goods Transportation
Far superior in terms of detail and instructional/support materials. The depth of instructor knowledge is always beyond any other training I have participated in. - Linda Arlen , Safety & Environmental Compliance Officer
Lion's information is very thorough and accurate. Presenter was very good. - Melissa Little , Regulatory Manager
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