California Hazardous Waste
General Awareness Online Course

Navigating California’s hazardous waste law (HSC) and regulations (22 CCR) is a challenge. Plus, you need to understand how Federal RCRA (40 CFR) rules also apply in California. Knowing where to start may not be clear.

This introductory online course* is designed to build your regulatory foundation, offering an overview of the legal and regulatory structure that California facilities must follow.

You’ll Learn
  • How the State and Federal rules work together
  • What type of activities and persons are regulated
  • What RCRA and non-RCRA hazardous wastes are
  • Why you must know the regulations and the law in California
  • Overview of generator’s responsibilities
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*This introductory course is designed to provide an overview of California's hazardous waste regulatory program and is not designed to meet California's annual training mandate for large quantity generators. Detailed 22 CCR training is available online.

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