California Hazardous Waste & Hazmat Shipper Training

California facilities must comply with unique, stringent regulations for managing hazardous chemicals: DTSC rules for RCRA and non-RCRA hazardous wastes, domestic and international hazmat shipping standards, OSHA hazard communication and emergency preparedness rules, and more.

If you manage compliance in California or are responsible for sites nationwide, understanding Cal/EPA’s unique environmental requirements is critical to compliance and success. California’s environmental regulations are some of the most stringent and complex in the nation—with requirements spread across the California Code of Regulations (CCR), the California Health and Safety Code, individual CUPA policies, and myriad Cal/EPA programs like Green Chemistry Initiative and Proposition 65.
Why California Pros Choose Lion Technology
  • Trusted in California for 20 years
  • Training available statewide and online anytime, anywhere
  • Earn CEUs and IHMM, ABIH, NEHA, and REHS credit
  • Instructors who know the challenges you face in California  
  • Courses designed to build in-depth expertise and confidence
  • Unmatched follow-up compliance support through Lion Membership

California Hazardous Waste Management Training

Meet DTSC's annual hazardous waste training mandate and build the in-depth expertise you need to keep your site in full compliance with California's complex hazardous waste requirements. Learn the keys to identify and manage RCRA and non-RCRA hazardous waste in compliance with Title 22, the Health and Safety Code, and CUPA standards. This Title 22 training workshop brings together experienced hazardous waste professionals from large and small quantity generator sites to discuss challenges, streamline compliance, and meet DTSC's annual training mandate. View the Agenda.