Lithium Battery Training Options

If you ship lithium batteries—ion or metal, large, small, or excepted; in-equipment, with-equipment, or by themselves; by ground, air, or vessel—you must know the unique requirements that apply to your shipments. From choosing the right package to marking, labeling and documenting your shipment properly, the lithium battery regulations can be complex and downright overwhelming—especially if you’ve never worked with “hazardous materials” before.

Here’s the good news: When you know how to find what you need in the regulations, things get easier. These convenient, effective training options will help you identify which rules apply to your shipments and keep your lithium batteries in full compliance.

Fully-charged Lithium Battery Training Courses

Shipping Lithium Batteries

(HMT 254, HMT P54, HMT C54A)

  • Online Course$299
  • Public Workshop$350
  • Webinar$349
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Shipping Lithium Batteries (Function-Specific)

(HMT C54)

  • Webinar$229

Shipping Excepted Lithium Batteries

(HMT 252)

  • Online Course$129

Lithium Battery Safety

(OSH 254)

  • Online Course$49