About Lion

Businesses nationwide turn to Lion Technology Inc. for effective regulatory training and ongoing support, and have since 1977.

Lion can prepare you and your employees to manage environmental, hazardous materials, and safety compliance with 250+ workshops offered year-round in 65 US cities, online courses available 24/7, and expert-led webinars. 

Lion instructors are experienced teachers who engage students with real-world examples, case studies, skill-building exercises, and lively class discussion. Lion students return to work energized, focused, and ready to apply their new knowledge and skills.

EHS professionals around the world rely on Lion for comprehensive training and ongoing regulatory support. Enroll for any EH&S course and get a direct line to our regulatory experts through the Finder Service. Add monthly compliance alerts, an extensive online regulation library, informative FAQs, and exclusive resources and it's clear: Lion Members don't just receive the best training available; they get essential tools to ensure compliance and prevent costly violations.

We strive to provide our students with the most comprehensive training and support experience possible. Join 200,000 satisfied Lion students and discover what sets us apart. 

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Carrying On a Legacy

The formation of the EPA in 1970, along with the publication of the US Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA) in 1975, signaled a major shift in American business. It was clear that regulatory compliance would be a powerful force in the future of many industries.

Lion founder Bill Taggart understood the impact these regulations would have on American business, and the importance of learning the new rules. Then a specialist in the field of chemical manufacturing and research, Bill's close work with chemical manufacturers gave him a unique perspective on the new regulatory landscape.

Since Lion's founding in 1977, Bill's passion and vision grew the company from a one-man operation to the nation's most trusted source for effective compliance training.