RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Training

US EPA requires annual training for hazardous waste personnel. Build confidence working with the complex RCRA hazardous waste rules to protect personnel, prevent releases, and avoid costly EPA penalties and CERCLA liability.


Find training to satisfy US EPA's initial or refresher hazardous waste training mandates for managers and personnel at large, small, or very small quantity generator sites.  These RCRA courses cover what you need to know to properly identify, store, and manage regulated hazardous wastes from cradle-to-grave under EPA's Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Choose from nationwide hazardous waste workshops, 24/7 online courses, and live webinars that simplify hazardous waste compliance and provide training required for all "hazardous waste personnel" by US EPA at 40 CFR 262.16 and 262.17.


RCRA Hazardous Waste Training Basics:

US EPA regulates the storage, management, and disposal of hazardous waste in the US.  While many US states create their own hazardous waste regulations, these additional state rules must be at least as stringent as the Federal (US EPA) RCRA regulations.

Large Quantity Generators: 

  • Hazardous waste personnel must be trained within six months of hire/assignment and may not work unsupervised until training is complete [40 CFR 262.17(a)(7)(ii)].
  • Hazardous waste training must be repeated annually [40 CFR 262.17(a)(7)(iii)].
  • Employers must keep records of hazardous waste training [40 CFR 262.17(a)(7)(iv)].

Small Quantity Generators ( < 1000 kg per month )

  • Hazardous waste personnel must be "thoroughly familiar" with their responsibilities for hazardous waste management compliance [40 CFR 262.16(b)(9)(iii)].

Function-specific Training

Facility RCRA training must be job-specific to ensure employees know how to perform their hazardous waste management duties according to the RCRA rules. Lion Technology offers several RCRA training programs for employees who—
  • Oversee waste personnel or operations
  • Read and apply regulations
  • Identify hazardous waste
  • Perform other job functions such as filling and managing drums
NOTE: If your facility ships EPA-regulated hazardous wastes off site and is required to provide a hazardous waste manifest, then any employee who signs a manifest must be trained as a hazmat employee. To help meet applicable hazmat requirements for shipments of waste, see Lion's hazmat training courses.