Membership FAQ

Included when you enroll in any Lion EH&S online course, webinar, or workshop (excludes HR training), Membership gives you access to support and resources after your training.

Members get answers from experts through the Finder Service, access to an extensive online regulation library, monthly alerts on new and changing rules, and more.

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Do I need a Lion Membership to purchase training?
No. The follow-up support provided through Membership is included when you enroll for any Lion EH&S workshop, webinar, or online course. You do not need an active Membership to enroll for or take training at

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How long will my membership last?
Membership length varies by course. See any course catalog description page to see what's included before you sign up for training. 
How will I know when my membership expires?
Your membership expiration date is always visible in the Training Portal.
How do I access membership features?
All membership features are available from one convenient location: the Member Area. You must log into access member-only areas of the website. To log in, go to and enter your user name and password.
Is membership transferrable?
No. Lion membership is an individual personal license for access to Lion Technology Inc. membership features. These privileges are limited to the specific person holding the membership.
How do I know if I am logged in?
If you are logged in to, you will see “Welcome, (Your Name)” at the top of the page or in the main pull down menu.  If you do not see this message, click Login at the top of the page and login using your username and password. 
What kind of questions may I ask the Finder Service?

Typically, Finder questions fall into one of three categories:

Applicability/Structure - Example: "If a loading dock person assists the truck driver in removing drums of hazardous materials, is the loading dock worker subject to any DOT rules?"

Basic requirements of a particular rule - Example: "I understand that EPA has deferred regulation of mixed waste to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. However, are there any EPA reporting or recordkeeping requirements for the mixed waste?"

Finding information - Examples: "Where are the requirements for hazardous waste training in the Federal and Texas regulations?" or "Where can I find a copy of EPA's Multi-Sector General Permit under the Clean Water Act stormwater permitting program?"

Are there questions I cannot submit to the Finder Service?
The Finder Service is intended to assist you in answering general questions regarding environmental, health and safety, and transportation regulations. The Finder Service is not able to provide detailed regulatory consulting in applying the regulations to your specific operations and materials.
Can someone else from my organization submit a Finder question?
No. The Finder Service is only available to individuals with a valid membership.
How do I activate my membership?
Your Lion Membership activates automatically when you enroll in a Lion EH&S course. 

Workshops and webinars
You will get an email with your Member login credentials after your course is complete. 

Online courses
Login to with the username and password you used to access your course. 

If you did not get an e-mail with membership login information or if you need help to sign on, click here.
How do I renew my membership?
You can renew your membership by enrolling in EH&S training at any time. Membership is included when you enroll for any Lion EH&S workshop, online course, or webinar.

A Membership is not required to enroll in training. You can also renew your Membership without enrolling for a course at or call 888-546-6511 for assistance.