Reviews From EH&S Pros 

Training reviews, testimonials, and interviews with real EH&S professionals who experienced group training through on-site workshops, private webinars, and online courses with Lion.

Training Reviews 

“Excellent instructor. Easy to follow, thorough, and willing to answer questions to help the class understand. Great sense of humor.”

Sasha K., Operations Analyst

"The instructor made training entertaining and educational. She broke it down and made it easier to understand. I also liked her stories to relate to the material."

Chris P., Shipping/Receiving Supervisor

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Video Review 

hazmat training testimonial headshot

“With the amount of people we had to get trained this year, with the amount of certifications we needed—it was a very smooth operation.”

Dave A.; EHS, Security, & Facilities Manager

Dave leads an OSHA VPP Star Site with a team of 200+. See how Lion made training simple for his team and got employees engaged with compliance in this video interview. 

"Enjoyed the instructor's examples from experience and real-world events."

Kristin B., Materials Coordinator

“The presentation focused on compliance topics that are relevant to us. ”

Rodolfo V., Automotive Work Lead

“The instructor was knowledgeable and presented clear and concise information, tailoring the course to our jobs.”

Stephen T., Turbine Blade Production Manager

Review & Interview  

RCRA hazardous waste training testimonial


“With Lion, I know I can trust the information the instructors are
teaching. They don’t just tell you what the rules are, they give you
tools to find answers for yourself long after the course is over.”

Carolyn G.; Environmental Training and Development Manager

Carolyn trusted Lion for hazmat and hazardous waste training throughout her career in the chemical, fiber manufacturing, oil and gas, and food industries in four different states. 


“The instructor provided engaging and thorough training with relevant examples that connect to the material.”

Margery N., Environmental Engineer

“More engaging and enjoyable than other regulatory trainings.”

Kumail S., EHS Technician

“Compared to others, this training had more involvement and was more user friendly.”

Aaron O., Warehouse Coordinator

"More engaging than other courses. I left with practical knowledge to stay in compliance." 

Sharon Y., RTV Coordinator

Video Review 

training review 2

“All the people out in the shop, it's things that's useful to them. So it's   easier for them to get through it.”

Clayton D.; EHS Specialist 

Clayton's experience with Lion’s online training reinforced the way he promotes engagement and interactivity during the monthly EHS training session he presents to employees.

Review & Interview  

hazardous waste training testimonial

"Lion turns dry material into informative, knowledgeable presentations that are fun to be a part of. Plus, the resources are excellent." 

Ralph R.; Waste Management Expert and Chemical Shipper

A Lion student since 1999, Ralph discussed his experience with in-person and online training, and why "when you talk to people in industry, they will tell you that Lion is #1."