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Basics of Underground Storage
Tank Compliance

Find out which tanks and substances
are regulated under EPA’s Underground
Storage Tank (UST) program.


2018 RCRA Status Report:
New Hazardous Waste Rules

Prepared by hazardous waste training leader
Lion Technology Inc., this report covers what’s
happened since the new hazardous waste rules took effect.


Hazmat Shipping Best Practices
Managing Hazmat Shipping Contractors

A guide to developing SOPs that help you
select, manage, and audit your hazmat agents and contractors.


The GHS HazCom Transition
Five “Must Know” Changes

Get to know the top 5 changes to OSHA’s
revised GHS Hazard Communication Standard
at 29 CFR 1910.1200 and how the updates
impacts employee safety at your facility.


Hazmat Shipping Best Practices
How to Audit Your Operations

Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that trigger
DOT hazmat inspections and keep your site
audit-ready at all times!


How to Avoid the 5 Most
 Common Shipping Paper Mistakes

Shipping papers are a crucial part of safely
shipping hazardous materials.
See the top 5 mistakes shippers make on
shipping papers, and how to avoid them.


Waste Management Best Practices
Mastering RCRA Inspections

What to do before, during, and after a RCRA
hazardous waste inspection  to defend your site
from rising state and Federal penalties.


Hazmat Shipping Best Practices:
 Must-have Hazmat Shipping Paperwork

Your hazmat paperwork is the first thing a
DOT inspector will ask for during an
inspection. From hazmat training
records to Special Permits, make sure your hazmat documents are in order. 

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