e-Manifest Usage Low as June 30 Deadline Looms

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Robert Clarke. CDGP

Starting June 30, 2021, US EPA will no longer accept paper manifests from hazardous waste receiving facilities (i.e., TSDFs). Moving forward, receiving facilities must use one of the following methods to submit manifest data into the e-manifest system through the online RCRAInfo portal:
  • Electronic
  • Hybrid
  • Image only
  • Data plus image

How Will the Deadline Impact Generators?

Because receiving facilities now must submit manifests to EPA electronically, TSDFs may request that generators create an account in the online system.   

Some generators may not feel the impact right away. Some TSDFs may continue to accept paper manifests and then manually transfer the required information into the e-manifest system using the image upload or data-plus-image upload option. These alternatives are more expensive than the fully electronic option.

While the deadline for hazardous waste generators to use the e-Manifest system is June 1, 2023, EPA has not yet announced a “sunset date” for paper manifests.

e-Manifest Usage Up Slightly

About 3% of the manifests that EPA receives are submitted in paper format, as of late April 2021. 

0.5% of all manifests are completed entirely online. 

That’s an improvement. At the end of February 2020, EPA was receiving 4.4% of all manifests in paper form, and only 0.3% of manifests were created "fully electronic." Use of the electronic hazardous waste manifest system is increasing, but is still far below what EPA hoped when it finalized the e-Manifest Final Rule.

Despite the slow adoption of the new tool, the vision of a fully electronic system to track shipments of hazardous waste is alive and well. 

Learn more about the e-Manifest system at EPA's website. 

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