Online Training 

Online TrainingComplete training on your own schedule with Lion Technology's 24/7 online courses. You can stop and start as needed to fit your schedule without losing your place. Online training is ideal for shift workers and busy compliance managers.  You'll ensure site compliance through our expertly-designed curriculum, get current on the latest rules, earn CEU’s, and maintain your professional certifications.

How do I register for an online course?
Which online courses come with follow-up support and membership?
What course materials are included?
Can I pause my training and resume the course from where I left off?
If I have a question regarding the content of the online course, who can I ask?
Can I share the online training course with other employees?
Can I make copies of training materials for other employees?
How are CEUs awarded?
What are my payment options?
When will I receive my invoice?
How long do I have to finish a course? How long do I have to complete the course before it expires?
Why does my online course have an expiration date?
What do I do if my presentation doesn't start?
Why can't I print my course certificate?
Can I access my online training using more than one computer?
Will training with Lion help me maintain my professional certifications?
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