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Land Disposal Restrictions

Course Code: RCRA 408

This course is built to demystify the RCRA LDR requirements and guide hazardous waste professionals through how to select RCRA treatment and disposal methods.
Land Disposal Restrictions (LDRs) may be the most confusing, complex part of managing hazardous waste.

LDR compliance mistakes are costly in two ways: if your waste is not treated to EPA’s LDR standards and is released into the environment, you could be liable for expensive cleanup under CERCLA. Secondly, if you provide your TSDF with too much information, you may be paying for redundant treatment. Inefficiencies like this add up fast.

Registration includes:

  • Engaging, interactive RCRA training on LDRs
  • Trusted compliance resources
  • Certificate to document your initial or annual LDR training
  • Updates to your reference materials at Lion.com
  • 6 months of Lion Membership for complete compliance support

Online Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) training covers:

  • Five steps for LDR compliance for generators
  • Determining significant waste codes
  • Using the treatment standards table (40 CFR 268.40)
  • Understanding "treatability groups"
  • Preparing and reviewing the Land Ban form
  • The three types of treatment standards
  • Identifying “Underlying Hazardous Constituents” (UHCs)
  • Alternative treatment options for lab packs, debris, and more
  • Generator’s recordkeeping responsibilities
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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Use the LDR treatment standards table at 40 CFR 268.40 to select proper treatment standards for your hazardous wastes
  • Identify significant waste codes and underlying hazardous constituents (UHCs) critical to ensure proper hazardous waste treatment and disposal
  • Accurately prepare and review LDR notifications, certifications, the Land Ban Form, and meet your LDR recordkeeping responsibilities

Online Course Details

Course code RCRA 408
Compatible on Desktop computer
Duration 2.5 hours
Access time 90 days
Certificate issued Yes

CEUs and Certification Maintenance

CEUs awarded 0.20
IHMM CM Points Up to 2.00
ABIH CM Points Up to 0.33
Lion Membership          6 months

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Why choose online Land Disposal Restrictions training?

Online hazardous waste training is a convenient, cost-effective way to inform and protect employees and meet US EPA RCRA and State training mandates. Online courses are available 24/7 with support available 7 days a week. Our learning management system gives you access to tools that will enhance your online training experience:
  • Resume your training from where you left off with automatic bookmarking
  • Track your progress with the detailed course status display
  • Develop your compliance expertise with engaging interactions
  • Test your knowledge with exercises and quizzes on critical topics
  • Access your complete Lion training history at any time

Who takes this Land Disposal Restrictions training course?

This course is designed for hazardous waste managers. The LDR course will also benefit account managers and other at TSDF facilities that prepare LDR paperwork for hazardous waste generators.
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