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New York Hazardous Waste Management

Course Code: RCRA P34, RCRA 340

$379 - $495
Identify the NYSDEC regulations that impact your facility and develop a step-by-step approach to keep your site in compliance. This course covers what environmental professionals need to know to manage compliance with unique hazardous waste regulations enforced by the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).
Both US EPA and NYSDEC require annual training for all hazardous waste facility personnel who work at or oversee operations where hazardous waste is generated.

Many components of New York's hazardous waste program are more stringent that the Federal RCRA regulations. Managers of hazardous waste in New York must ensure their facilities comply with both US EPA and NYSDEC regulations.

Registration includes:

  • Engaging, interactive New York state hazardous waste training
  • Trusted compliance resources
  • Certificate to document your initial or annual training
  • Updates to your reference materials throughout the year
  • 365 days of Lion Membership for complete compliance support

NY Hazardous Waste Management Training Covers:

  • How to identify the NYSDEC hazardous waste regulations that impact you
  • Critical differences between NYSDEC and Federal RCRA rules
  • Calculating generator status and accumulation options
  • Unique hazardous waste ID rules and NY waste codes
  • Rules for on-site accumulation and storage in sole source aquifers
  • Managing PCBs as hazardous waste
  • Requirements and reliefs for universal waste and used oil
  • NYSDEC rules for Hazardous Waste Manifest and shipping off site
  • Recordkeeping, reporting, and hazardous waste training rules
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New York Capitol Source of Environmental Laws

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New York Hazardous Waste Management


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RCRA training for hazardous waste personnel

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management


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Frequently Purchased Together for savings

Frequently Purchased Together

New York Hazardous Waste Training

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New York Hazardous Waste Management

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RCRA hazardous waste training

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management

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Online Course Details

Course code RCRA 340
Compatible on Desktop, tablet, or mobile
Duration 6 hours
Access time 90 days
Certificate issued Yes
Training required by      US EPA and NYSDEC
(6 NYCRR 373-1.1(d) & 373-3.2(g))

CEUs and Certification Maintenance

CEUs awarded 0.60
Lion Membership           12 months

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Why choose online NY hazardous waste training?

Online hazardous waste training is convenient, cost-effective way to satisfy US EPA or NYSDEC hazardous waste training mandates for large, small, or very small quantity generator personnel. Produced and kept up-to-date by Lion's team of experienced hazardous waste trainers and regulatory experts, the New York Hazardous Waste Management Online Course is comprehensive, reliable, and designed for busy environmental professionals in New York.

Online courses are available 24/7 with support available 7 days a week. Our state-of-the-art learning management system gives you access to tools that will enhance your online training experience:
  • Resume your training from where you left off with automatic bookmarking
  • Track your progress with the detailed course status display
  • Get answers to your course content questions from expert instructors
  • Develop your compliance expertise with engaging interactions
  • Test your knowledge with exercises and quizzes on critical topics
  • Access your complete Lion training history at any time


Workshop Details

Course code RCRA P34
Duration 1 day
Certification issued? Yes
Training required by      US EPA and NYSDEC
(6 NYCRR 373-1.1(d) & 373-3.2(g))

CEUs and Certification Maintenance

CEUs Awarded 0.70
IHMM CM Points Up to 8.00
ABIH CM Points Up to 1.17
NEHA Contact Hours      7.00
REHS Contact Hours 7.00
Lion Membership 12 months
See how Lion courses can help you maintain your professional credentials.

Workshop Schedule (1 day)

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Coffee & pastries (Included)
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM NYY hazardous waste training
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM      Lunch Break (Time approx.)
4:00 PM Review & Certification Quiz
*Short breaks, snacks, and cold beverages are available throughout the day.

Why choose the live NY Hazardous Waste Management Workshop?

Engaging classroom-style workshops are the foundation of what we do. Lion instructors are engaging, effective teachers who know the RCRA and NY hazardous waste regulations backwards and forwards and know how to impart that knowledge on to you.
  • Find training in cities all over New York
  • Network with industry peers in an interactive, hands-on environment
  • Receive training and resources updated year round to cover the latest rules
  • Get clarity on complex regulatory subjects from dynamic, professional trainers
  • Get immediate answers to your questions in a live setting

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Build skills to identify and apply New York hazardous waste rules to your site's waste streams and activities—incl. unique rules for universal waste, used oil, and PCBs.
  • Identify key differences between Federal RCRA hazardous waste requirements and NYSDEC state rules, and how updates impact your compliance efforts.
  • Help satisfy NYSDEC's initial or annual training mandate for hazardous waste personnel

Who Should Attend New York Hazardous Waste Management training?

EHS managers, supervisors, compliance officers, engineers, operators, waste handlers, corporate attorneys in the chemical processing, oil and gas, manufacturing, or other industries.

Anyone responsible for hazardous waste compliance at the facility or corporate level in the state of New York in addition anyone who directs hazardous waste personnel training as required at 6 NYCRR 373-3.2(g).
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In 1995, US EPA passed the Universal Waste Rule, which created relaxed standards for managing common hazardous wastes like light bulbs, batteries, mercury-containing equipment, and more. While universal wastes are subject to less stringent regulations than “fully-regulated” hazardous wastes, there are still rules to follow to manage them properly. Use this guide to spot and correct common universal waste errors before they result in a notice of violation during a Federal or State inspection.

4 Common Universal Waste Mistakes