HazCom Safety Training Courses

Available 24/7, Lion’s interactive OSHA HazCom training courses help employees be prepared whether it’s handling or preparing regulated compressed gas cylinders, corrosive chemicals,  flammable chemicals, or poisons for transport by ground, air, or vessel. These courses will help to satisfy OSHA's Hazardous Communication Training Standard and provides the hazmat safety training required by US DOT for all "hazmat employees."

Lion offers two levels of comprehensive HazCom training to ensure workers and managers alike know their responsibilities to keep themselves and their coworkers safe when working with hazardous substances. The Hazard Communication course (available in English and Spanish) provides required OSHA Hazard Communication and/or DOT hazmat safety training for employees who work with or may be exposed to hazardous chemicals. The Managing Hazard Communication course is designed for environmental and safety managers who are required to create and implement a workplace Hazard Communication Program according to 29 CFR 1910.1200(e)(1).

These chemical-specific safety courses guide employees through the process of identifying a variety of hazardous substances using available information: marks and labels, Safety Data Sheets, GHS labels, and more. Employees learn keys to hazard control, safe chemical storage, fire prevention, and emergency response.