EPA Closes 2017 With Millions in Clean Air Act Penalties

Posted on 1/2/2018 by Roger Marks

Coal-Blog.jpgA lump of coal may be the holiday gift for bad boys and girls, but EPA had a much worse “present” in store for two carbon black manufacturers in December. In the final week of 2017, EPA giftwrapped some major Clean Air Act penalties for these two companies, totaling about $2 million.

By understanding what went wrong in these two compliance cases, you can prepare yourself to maintain compliance with the Clean Air Act in 2018—and avoid unpleasant surprises next holiday season. 

What Is Carbon Black?

Not quiet a “lump of coal,” carbon black is made up of near-pure carbon particulates that chain together. Manufactured in a tightly controlled process, carbon black is most commonly used to reinforce rubber and as an additive to coatings and polymers.

WHO: A carbon black manufacturer
WHERE: Addis, LA and Big Spring, TX
WHAT: Clean Air Act violations
HOW MUCH: $999,000

For alleged violations of Clean Air Act programs like New Source Review, NESHAPs, and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), a carbon black manufacturer will pay nearly $1 million; reduce SO2, NOx and particulate matter emissions; and spend an additional $490,000 on environmental projects.

WHO: A carbon black manufacturer
WHERE: Louisiana, Texas, and Ohio
WHAT: Clean Air Act violations
HOW MUCH: $800,000

In this case, EPA has assessed fines for many of the same violations noted above—namely failure to obtain permits and install pollution control equipment. This company, with facilities in Louisiana, Texas, and Ohio, must reduce SO2, NOx, and particulate matter emissions as well, and spend $550,000 on an environmental project.

Both companies, EPA says, failed to obtain the proper permits and failed to install and operate pollution control devices required under the Clean Air Act.

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