New Online Course: Developing an SPCC Plan

Posted on June 29,2018 by Roger Marks

To prepare EHS professionals to identify their responsibilities under EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasure (SPCC) requirements, Lion Technology recently launched the Developing an SPCC Plan Online Course.

The new course guides professionals through determining applicability of SPCC requirements, key exclusions, how to develop and certify an SPCC Plan, employee training requirements, and other critical aspects of EPA’s SPCC program.

Why an SPCC Online Course?

Facilities that store or use large volumes of oil must be prepared for an unexpected release. Even small oil spills can contaminate the land and water, harm animal life, and ultimately impact human health in a negative way.

The moment a spill occurs can be confusing and stressful for workers. Having a clear, easy-to-follow SPCC Plan in place to deal with oil spills not only helps facilities eliminate panic and efficiently address the spill, it’s also required by US EPA for certain facilities under the Clean Water Act.

In its 40 CFR environmental regulations,EPA lays out specific information that must be included in every SPCC plan and sets standards for training each employee on his or her responsibilities under the plan. What’s more, EPA may require your facility to have your SPCC plan certified by a professional engineer. A full understanding of how these regulations impact your facility—and what’s expected of you as a manager or employee—is crucial to achieve and maintain compliance.

In January 2018, US EPA raised the maximum civil penalty for noncompliance with Clean Water Act requirements, including SPCC planning, to $53,484 per d
ay, per violation.

Learn more or sign up for the Developing an SPCC Plan Online Course here.

e-Learning More Popular and Effective Than Ever

Every year, thousands of EHS professionals turn to for interactive online courses that drive home the critical knowledge and skills needed to manage compliance with environmental, safety, and hazmat transportation regulations. A recognized leader in classroom-style compliance training since the 1970’s, Lion Technology was also one of the first training providers to offer online EHS courses.

Besides saving on travel and hotel costs, students cite many reasons why online training is becoming more and more popular format for EHS training.

Among the major benefits of online training at

  • Convenient, 24/7 access from work or home
  • Interactive, engaging lessons, video, and exercises
  • “Ask the Instructor”—a direct line to submit questions
  • Expert IT support available 7 days/week
  • Compliance support through Lion Membership with every course

See the FAQ on this page for more details about EPA’s SPCC program.


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