New at Storing Hazardous Waste for California Personnel

Posted on 6/13/2019 by Roger Marks

To help hazardous waste professionals in California effectively train personnel to properly handle hazardous waste on site, Lion launched a new online course this week.

The Storing Hazardous Waste in California—Ops Online Course is designed to provide initial or annual training for hazardous waste personnel with responsibilities that impact compliance with the state’s unique Title 22 hazardous waste regulations. The course will help satisfy DTSC’s initial or annual training mandate for typical hazardous waste site personnel like waste handlers, operators, maintenance workers, production line employees, and others who can affect hazardous waste compliance.

California DTSC requires employers to provide training for hazardous waste personnel at 22 CCR 66262.34 and 66265.16.

Why Take California-specific Hazardous Waste Training?

Hazardous waste generators in California face the most stringent, complex requirements in the nation. In addition to US EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements, the California DTSC creates unique, state-specific standards for generators. 

In order to achieve and maintain compliance, professionals in the state must know the specific, more-stringent requirements that California imposes, many of which go above-and-beyond what's required under RCRA. 

What's in the New Title 22 Online Course?

The new course guides employees through California regulations for managing hazardous waste on site, including:

  • Who and what is regulated under Title 22 hazardous waste regulation  
  • How to identify solid and hazardous wastes
  • Basics of California hazardous waste codes
  • Managing regulated wastes in satellite areas
  • Unique rules for universal wastes in California
  • Emergency preparedness and dealing with emergency release
Employees who complete this course will know their responsibilities for compliance, and be better prepared to safely identify, manage, and handle the hazardous waste your site generates.

The new Storing Hazardous Waste in California—Ops course is the latest addition to Lion’s California-specific hazardous waste training solutions.

For two full days of in-depth training on how to manage hazardous waste in the Golden State, join Lion live for the California Hazardous Waste Management Workshop. The workshop comes to Anaheim, Palmdale, Sacramento, and San Jose in July 2019.

Online Training for Managers in California

Looking for convenient online training on California hazardous waste rules? For management-level hazardous waste professionals who have ultimately responsibility for hazardous waste compliance, we recommend completing one of our management level courses:

California Hazardous Waste Management
California Hazardous Waste Management Refresher

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Best course instructor I've ever had. Funny, relatable, engaging; made it interesting and challenged us as the professionals we are.

Amanda Schwartz

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The course is well thought out and organized in a way that leads to a clearer understanding of the total training.

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This was the 1st instructor that has made the topic actually enjoyable and easy to follow and understand. Far better than the "other" training providers our company has attended!

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These are the best commercial course references I have seen (10+ years). Great job!

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Having the tutorial buttons for additional information was extremely beneficial.

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The instructor was probably the best I ever had! He made the class enjoyable, was humorous at times, and very knowledgeable.

Mary Sue Michon

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More thorough than a class I attended last year through another company.

Troy Yonkers

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