4 Super Powers Every DG Pro Could Use

Posted on 5/4/2018 by Roger Marks, Anthony Cardno, and James Griffin, CDGP


Marvel’s latest superhero epic, Avengers: Infinity War, was released recently to great fanfare. It got us thinking: What kind of superpowers would help a dangerous goods professional ensure compliance and become a Super Shipper?

The work that DG and safety pros do to protect workers and the public every day is heroic in its own right. With a few extra powers, these professionals would be unstoppable!

X-Ray Vision

Super-X-Ray-Vision.jpgA blank cardboard box may not scare a normal citizen. But to hazmat shippers, there are few things more concerning than an undeclared package.

X-ray vision would allow shippers to view the contents of the package without opening it up and potentially exposing personnel to unknown danger. Plus, it would allow shippers an unfettered view inside the truck - so they can identify any incompatible materials that may already be on board.   

While we don’t promise superhuman abilities, Lion Technology will prepare you to achieve and maintain compliance with the latest 49 CFR, IATA DGR, and IMDG Code regulations. Join us when multimodal hazmat training trusted nationwide comes to a city near you in 2018. 

Speed Reading

IATA_Book_4.jpgThe Flash’s ability to read and comprehend information at lightning speed would be of use to shippers navigating 49 CFR, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations or ICAO TI, the IMDG Code, the ADR, the UN Model Regulations, or any other massive hazmat regulations text.

Instead of spending hours leafing through the dense and endlessly self-referential Code of Federal Regulations, a Super Shipper could process the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) all at once to make informed decisions to achieve compliance.

Super StretchingSuper-stretch-man.jpg

Ever put a placard on a really big shipping container? If you have, you know that a stepstool is often necessary. For those hard-to-reach containers and vehicles, super stretching would help shippers place placards with ease. Plus, shippers could stretch around two sides of a container or vehicle at once, to placard properly in half the time!  

Super stretching could also help shippers and safety managers fit into tight spaces when inspecting containers, performing chemical inventory, or loading and segregating materials in the back of a truck.

Superhuman Strength

Super-Strength-Hulk.jpgImagine for a moment how quickly the incredible Hulk could handle and load an IBC full of chemical liquid. Super strength could help shippers limit injuries and soreness from heavy lifting. No more struggling with awkward containers, and no need for forklifts!

Considering forklift accidents and violations are among OSHA’s Top 10 most-cited Standards list every year, reducing reliance on powered industrial trucks by developing super strength would make for a safer (and quieter) workplace.

DOT and IATA DGR Training for Shippers - In the Classroom or Via Live Webinar

Meet DOT and IATA training mandates in cities nationwide in 2018. Be confident your shipments are in full compliance with the latest 49 CFR and DGR requirements for ground or air transport. Or join a Lion instructor live for the IATA Air Shipper Certification Webinar. 
Learn the keys to compliance with IATA’s DGR for hazmat/dangerous goods air shipments. This expert-led training is designed to help satisfy the training requirement for DG air shippers at IATA DGR 1.5 and builds on your DOT (49 CFR) hazmat knowledge.  
Need DOT (49 CFR) hazmat training for highway shipments? Check out the Hazmat Ground Shipper workshop or online course here. 

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