PHMSA, OSHA Prepare for GHS HazCom Summit

Posted on 10/26/2020 by Roger Marks

OSHA and PHMSA will hold a virtual public meeting to prepare to the next session of the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (UNSCEGHS).

The UN preparation meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 19. Stakeholders can submit comments and attend virtually (GHS Meeting Details).

The UNSCEGHS meeting will be held on December 9—11, 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.

What is the GHS?

The Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, or GHS for short, is an internationally used system for classifying chemicals and communicating their hazards to employees who handle and use them.

In 2012, OSHA adopted elements of the Third Edition GHS into its Hazard Communication Standard at 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Since then, the UN released a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth edition of the GHS. 

Read more: Lion instructor and CDGP Joel Gregier explores OSHA's next steps for adopting a more recent GHS edition on our blog. 

OSHA's HazCom Info Collection Up for OMB Review, Extension

in other HazCom news, OSHA's information collection requirements under the HazCom Standard are up for review and extension by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

OSHA will accept public comments on information collection requirements in the HazCom Standard until November 23, 2020. OSHA asks whether the information collection requirements in the HazCom Standard are necessary to protect employees, the quality and clarity of the information collected, and ways to minimize the burden on employers. 

Information that employers must collect and apply under the HazCom Standard includes:
  • Evaluate and classify/categorize chemicals in the workplace
  • Consider a full range of evidence concerning potential hazards
  • Label, tag, or mark each container to indicate the hazard
  • Develop a complete, accurate Safety Data Sheet 
OSHA also asks for comments about whether their estimates of time spent on HazCom are accurate. OSHA proposed to adjust down the estimated burden hour total for HazCom information collection, citing "a decrease in establishments and a decrease in the number of employees" covered by the Standard [85 FR 44108]. 

OSHA estimates that 5 million employers are covered by the requirements in the HazCom Standard at 29 CFR 1910.1200 and that HazCom info collection takes an estimated 6.5 million hours per year. 

Read more: 5 Must Know Changes for GHS Hazard Communication

Online GHS Hazard Communication Training 

GHS reactive labelBe confident that all of your employees are familiar with the hazards of chemicals in your workplace. OSHA requires annual hazcom training for covered employees.

The Hazard Communication online course is designed to help satisfy OSHA's annual training requirement in 29 CFR 1910.1200(h).

If you responsible for site hazard communication planning and implementation, the more advanced Managing Hazard Communication online course is for you.  

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