RCRA and Hazmat Site Assessments

The hazardous materials, hazardous waste, and OSHA safety regulations that impact your site cover thousands of pages of requirements, restrictions, exemptions, exclusions, and special conditions. Because these rules change regularly, achieving compliance can feel like shooting at a moving target. Meanwhile, you’ve got a job to do, a reputation to uphold, and employees to protect.

A Site Assessment with Lion will empower your team with a robust understanding of the hazardous materials, hazardous waste, and OSHA safety regulations that impact your operations. You will gain a solid handle on the regulations you must know and simplify the everyday job of compliance.

Identify Compliance Gaps and Opportunities

By reviewing your current hazmat, hazardous waste, or general industry safety program, Lion can identify any gaps in your organization’s institutional knowledge or procedures.

A Site Assessment can answer questions like: 
  • Are we unaware of any critical EHS or dangerous goods regulations?
  • Have we fallen out of compliance due to recently added or revised regulations?
  • Can we cut costs without sacrificing safety or compliance?
  • Are there opportunities to simplify or streamline our compliance training program?
  • Can we make minor or major changes that reduce our compliance costs?

When Lion visits your site to assess your compliance with hazardous materials, waste, or safety regulations, we take time to get to know your operations. Our experts can review Safety Data Sheets, shipping papers or Manifests, hazmat classification/Waste ID data, contingency plans, and more to get a clear view of what you do and how you do it.

When the Assessment is complete, we will lead an informal debrief session to identify findings, make recommendations, and answer your questions. You will also receive a copy of your assessor’s evaluation checklist for your records​.

Why Choose Lion for Your Compliance Assessment?

Lion has designed and delivered original regulatory compliance training programs across the United States since 1977, specializing in hazmat shipping and RCRA regulations.

Lion researchers, consultants, and instructors field thousands of questions and requests for guidance from businesses big and small every year. We produce white papers, reports, and news articles for some of the most-read industry publications. This work keeps us constantly connected to the latest rules and makes us uniquely qualified to assess your site and provide reliable, up-to-date, and accurate compliance guidance.

Simply put, RCRA and hazmat compliance are our #1 focus. We’ve been at the top of our game for 40 years — and we’ll help you stay at the top of yours.