To properly manage any waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), you first need to know what exactly you're dealing with. Accurately identifying and classifying your hazardous waste is critical to ensure proper storage, management, transportation, treatment, and disposal. 

Lion will help you determine if and how your waste is regulated under RCRA. Lion will identify the Federal and State management standards that you must follow to safely manage, handle, and dispose of your waste. Plus, we can help you determine your hazardous waste generator status for the purpose of RCRA compliance.

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Lion will generate comprehensive, accurate documentation to:  

Make solid and hazardous waste determinations

We will confirm whether your waste meets US EPA's definition of a "solid waste" and/or a "hazardous waste" based on information and technical data you provide. 

Identify applicable waste codes

Lion can help you confirm the Federal and State waste codes that apply to your waste to ensure proper storage, treatment, and disposal.

US EPA’s RCRA hazardous waste regulations list hundreds of waste codes that may apply to your hazardous waste, based on how or where the waste was generated, the industry you’re in, the material’s physical state or chemical composition, and other factors.

Identify significant waste codes and Underlying Hazardous Constituents (UHC)
To ensure your waste is properly treated before disposal, Lion can identify the "significant waste codes" that must be treated for. In addition, we will identify your waste's underlying hazardous constituents (UHCs) when applicable. 

Why Choose Lion for EHS Consulting?

Lion has designed and delivered original regulatory compliance training programs across the United States since 1977, specializing in hazmat shipping, hazardous waste, air, water, and chemical regulations.

Lion researchers, consultants, and instructors field thousands of questions and requests for guidance from businesses big and small every year. We produce white papers, reports, and news articles for some of the most-read industry publications. This work keeps us constantly connected to the latest rules and makes us uniquely qualified to assess your site and provide reliable, up-to-date, and accurate compliance guidance.

Simply put, RCRA and hazmat compliance are our #1 focus. We’ve been at the top of our game for 40 years — and we’ll help you stay at the top of yours.

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