Material classification is the most important step in the hazmat shipping process. The hazard class of your material affects the shipping name you choose, the packaging you use, the marks and labels you affix to the package, the quantity limits you must follow, and the placards you offer (or don't offer) to your carrier.

With worker safety, supply chain security, and your organization’s reputation on the line, you need to know exactly what you’re shipping. Whether you ship hazardous materials every day, once a month, or once in a blue moon—Lion can help.

Lion will review classification data for all of the hazardous materials you ship to confirm that you are taking the right steps to ensure transportation and safety compliance. 

Lion's Hazmat Classification Service will help you confirm:

  • The primary Hazard Class or Division (1–9) for your material or product
  • The UN/NA identification number
  • The Proper Shipping Name
  • Subsidiary hazards of your material, when applicable
  • The correct Packing Group (PG), when applicable

An inaccurate classification of a hazardous material starts a chain reaction of compliance violations that can result in releases in transit, misinformed emergency responders, and heavy fines from US DOT that rise every year. 

Why Choose Lion for EHS Consulting?

Lion has designed and delivered original regulatory compliance training programs across the United States since 1977, specializing in hazmat shipping, hazardous waste, air, water, and chemical regulations.

Lion researchers, consultants, and instructors field thousands of questions and requests for guidance from businesses big and small every year. We produce white papers, reports, and news articles for some of the most-read industry publications. This work keeps us constantly connected to the latest rules and makes us uniquely qualified to assess your site and provide reliable, up-to-date, and accurate compliance guidance.

Simply put, RCRA and hazmat compliance are our #1 focus. We’ve been at the top of our game for 40 years — and we’ll help you stay at the top of yours.