Storing & Shipping Hazardous Waste: Large Quantity Generators (RCRA & DOT)

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The U.S. EPA requires annual RCRA training for all large quantity generator (LQG) personnel (RCRA Training FAQ).  In addition, the U.S. DOT requires training at least every three years for anyone who prepares a RCRA hazardous waste for transport (DOT Training FAQ). Facility personnel who generate and prepare waste for transport must be trained in both the DOT and EPA rules to avoid costly fines and penalties.

This operations-level online program is designed to help meet the EPA training mandates for large quantity generators (40 CFR 265.16) and universal waste handlers (40 CFR 273.36). It will also help meet the DOT general and security awareness and function-specific training mandate for hazardous waste shippers (49 CFR 172.704(a)). Upon completion, students will know how to correctly store RCRA hazardous waste, universal waste, and used oil. They will also learn how to prepare RCRA hazardous waste shipments for transportation.

Registration includes Lion's expert online training curriculum, downloadable notebooks, online tutorials, online help, and downloadable Certificate of Achievement. 

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Storing and Shipping for LQG Training Topics:

  • Applicability, enforcement, and liability
  • What is a RCRA hazardous waste
  • 90 day and satellite accumulation storage requirements
  • Universal waste and used oil management
  • RCRA emergency response and reporting requirements
  • What is a DOT hazardous material
  • Lion's 10 Steps for Hazmat Transportation
  • Recognizing and responding to security threats
  • General packaging requirements
  • Filling and closing packages
  • Marking and labeling packages
  • Placarding requirements
  • Loading, unloading, and segregation rules
  • Reporting hazmat incidents and emergencies
  • Hazardous materials offering checklist
  • Preparing shipping papers and manifests
  • Working with carriers

Who Should Attend: 

Employees of large quantity generators (facilities that generate over 1000 kg of hazardous waste in a given month) who are responsible for storing and shipping RCRA hazardous waste. 

*NOTE: If you are responsible for overall facility compliance, read and interpret regulations, classify hazardous waste, and/or certify the accuracy of the DOT hazardous material shipping paper or manifest, then you will instead want to receive complete hazmat ground shipper training (HMT 300) and appropriate hazardous waste training (RCRA 300).


Lion Technology's online training is a convenient and effective way to meet Federal and State training mandates. Produced and reviewed by a team of regulatory training experts, Lion's online training content is always up-to-date and designed for maximum retention.

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