Earn REHS Credit with Lion

Lion Technology is a Registered Provider (RP) of continuing education training for California Department of Public Health Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS). Choose a course below to help maintain your REHS certification. 

To award REHS continuing education (CE) credit, NEHA requires your training provider (i.e., Lion Technology Inc.) to provide details about the course completed and issue a specific certificate of completion. If you take a Lion course as part of your REHS continuing education, please contact us at info@Lion.com when you complete the course so that we can document your training with NEHA and provide you with your NEHA certificate.


Lion Courses Approved for REHS Continuing Education (CE) 

Course Title REHS Contact Hours
California Hazardous Waste Management 16
RCRA Hazardous Waste Management 16
Complete Environmental Regulations 17
Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification (DOT) 16
Hazmat Air Shipper Certification (IATA) 6.5
Hazmat Vessel Shipper Certification (IMDG)  6.5
10 Hour OSHA General Industry 10
Shipping Lithium Batteries 4
Storing & Shipping Hazardous Waste–Ops  6
Shipping Hazmat by Ground–Ops (DOT) 8
Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Management 16
New York Hazardous Waste Management 6
Texas Hazardous & Industrial Waste Management 5
Washington Dangerous Waste Management 10

Note: Many of our courses are available in multiple learning formats; in-person workshops, online courses, and live webinars. When a course is available in multiple formats, all formats are approved for REHS continuing education. 

What is an REHS?

According to NEHA's website, individuals with the Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS/RS) credential have "the skill set to ensure that basic community necessities of clean air, safe food, and potable water are met." REHS professionals "manage critical functions such as emergency response, vector control, sewage sanitation, hazardous material handling, and more."
Read more at NEHA's website.

​Lion Technology is a NEHA-approved Registered Provider of REHS continuing education. Lion courses can also help you maintain other NEHA, IHMM, and BCSP certifications. 

Choose a workshop, online course, or webinar below to help you maintain your REHS certification.