Lithium Battery Shipper to Pay $1.1M for Alleged Hazmat Violations

Posted on December 11,2017 by Roger Marks

Lithium_Ion_Battery_1.jpgFor allegedly shipping 24-volt lithium-ion batteries that did not conform to UN test standards or US Hazardous Materials Regulations requirements, a Florida lithium battery manufacturer now faces a $1,100,000 fine from US FAA.

According to FAA’s press release, one of the batteries caught fire and destroyed a FedEx truck during ground transportation—after being unloaded from an airplane.

After being informed by US FAA that lithium batteries offered for transport must meet UN testing standards per domestic and international standards, the company allegedly continued shipping for weeks.

FAA claims this is the largest ever civil penalty issued for hazardous materials violations relating to lithium batteries shipped by air.

Why Are Lithium Batteries Hazmat?

Watch the video below to find out how lithium batteries become a safety hazard. 


The unique hazards posed by lithium batteries—in transportation, in the workplace, and in the home—are well documented. In November this year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued recalls of 7 brands of lithium-battery powered “hoverboards” due to the possibility of smoke, fire, and explosion hazards.

In September, an employee at a medical device company carried 142 lithium-metal batteries in his checked luggage, prompting a $50,000 hazmat civil penalty for his employer. This FAA hazmat penalty underscores the importance of hazmat awareness—even among employees who work outside the warehouse or shipping facility.

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