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EPA Enforcement Roundup: Week of 3/13

Posted on March 13,2018 by Roger Marks

Store-350-(1).jpgThis week’s EPA Enforcement Roundup starts with a reminder for retail facilities that manage regulated hazardous wastes or universal wastes, especially in California: Investigators and State attorneys continue to “dumpster dive” in order to uncover environmental violations.

Employees in any state who work with regulated wastes like batteries, aerosols, paints, solvents, and electronic equipment must know the laws and regulations that apply to these wastes.

Hazardous waste determinations are now always a common-sense decision. Employees need effective training to recognize that even every day products can be regulated as hazardous waste, and that improper disposal carries serious consequences for the business.    

WHO: A big box retailer
WHERE: California
WHAT: Hazardous waste violations
HOW MUCH: $27.8 million

California’s Attorney General last week announced a $27.8 million settlement with a major home improvement chain for alleged hazardous waste violations. According to the AG’s release, the company violated California’s Hazardous Waste Control Law by improperly disposing of wastes including batteries, aerosol cans, paints, and electronic devices.

To uncover the environmental violations, DSTC relied on a trusted investigative approach. In the words of Attorney General Xavier Becerra, “For approximately two and a half years, state and local investigators inspected trash dumpsters belonging to (the company) and found that the company failed to properly manage and dispose of hazardous waste…” 

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WHO:  57 auto dealerships and service centers
WHERE: Eight California counties
WHAT: Hazardous materials storage and hazardous waste violations
HOW MUCH:  $3.3 million

Carsafetyairbag.gifFor allegedly hazardous waste disposal and storage violations, a California car dealership and service center with facilities nationwide will pay more than $3 million.

Like the case above, investigators here pulled “a string of undercover inspections of the dealerships’ garbage cans” which revealed improper management and disposal of wastes like auto fluids, non-empty aerosol cans, used oil filters, electronic waste, and used oil.

These are only a few of the environmental enforcement cases we’ve read about in the last 30 days. See EPA Enforcement actions that colleagues can learn from? 

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