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Top 5 Human Resources Challenges Facing EHS Leaders

Posted on 5/2/2019 by Lauren Scott

For many industry professionals, particularly Lion News readers, maintaining compliance with complex hazardous waste, hazmat, or environmental regulations may seem simple compared to the bewildering task of serving an entire organization of employees.

Human resources managers in environmental, health, and safety (EHS) industries have the unique task of grappling both. Here are the top 5 challenges HR pros must overcome at EHS companies.

5. Preventing Work-related Accidents

You won’t find many EHS pros sitting behind a desk. The nature of the work puts employees in potentially dangerous situations. Whether it’s out at a shipping yard, in the back of a warehouse, or on the road, HR managers must anticipate potential hazards and ensure personnel are trained to handle whatever is thrown at them. These preparations can reduce workers’ compensation claims as well as keep your personnel safe and comfortable at work.

4. Maintaining Employee Privacy

In the digital age, it’s easy to store and update confidential files as needed, including vital company information and personnel documentation. In fact, cloud-based management software is becoming more affordable and appealing to EHS companies. However, storing confidential information in a cloud can leave EHS companies open to internal or external data breaches. Even if your company’s files are stored on a local hard drive, seek the assistance of an IT professional to ensure your data is secure.

3. Keeping Up With Technology

The EHS industry is changing rapidly, thanks to the latest technological innovations. Processes that once took a whole days’ worth of work may take as little as an hour with the aid of computers, smartphones, and software-assisted equipment. These new technologies often pose a challenge for employees, who may fight change or fear their position will be automated. It is human resources’ job to dissuade these notions to make sure all workers feel valued and essential in their roles.

2. Managing a Diverse Workforce

With more of Generation Z and Millennials entering the workforce, the EHS industry is becoming more and more diverse. Not only that, women and people of color are steadily growing segments of the EHS workforce. While a diverse workforce offers a more robust, holistic company, this can present challenges for human resources in terms of harassment and discrimination. HR personnel and EHS managers alike should remain vigilant and familiarize themselves with State and Federal workplace discrimination regulations.

1. Regulation Compliance

EHS managers know how crucial it is to adhere to strict Federal and State regulations. However, hazmat, EPA, and hazardous waste regs are not the only ones to look out for. In addition, human resources professionals must be aware of OSHA, employment, wage, discrimination, and family leave regulations just to name a few. HR pros work closely with attorneys to make sure the company is following all these guidelines and to avoid potential lawsuits. It is also recommended for HR personnel to collaborate with EHS managers to follow all environmental, health, and safety regulations and prepare for any new regulations soon to come.

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