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Just Launched: Washington Dangerous Waste Management Course Update

Posted on 11/21/2019 by Roger Marks

On November 20, 2019, Lion Technology launched major updates to the Washington Dangerous Waste Management Online Course (RCRA 380). Designed for hazardous waste professionals and personnel in Washington State, RCRA 380 covers the unique state requirements that generators in the Evergreen State must follow.

Washington overhauled its dangerous waste regulations to incorporate major changes earlier this year. Changes adopted from EPA’s 2016 Generator Improvements Rule are in effect in Washington State as of April 2019. In addition, Washington adopted the reliefs for solvent-contaminated wipes, re-defined many critical key terms, and made other updates.

New Washington Dangerous Waste Definitions

The updated WAC dangerous waste regulations include new definitions for some key regulatory terms, including:
  • Central accumulation
  • Point of generation
  • Sham recycling
  • Weekly inspections
  • Large, medium, and small quantity generators

RCRA Generator Improvements Rule Updates

Washington has officially adopted major revisions from EPA’s 2016 Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule. This landmark RCRA rulemaking made extensive revisions to the hazardous waste requirements for large, small, and conditionally exempt (very small) quantity generators.
Some of the hazardous waste rules Washington adopted constitute more-stringent requirements, and others provide new reliefs.  
  • New requirements for RCRA contingency plans
  • Revised label specifications for waste containers and tanks
  • New relief for episodic events like spills and lab clean-outs
Learn more: Where is the Generator Improvements Rule in effect?

In addition to adding the revised management requirements, Washington DOE also re-organized its dangerous waste generator regulations in Title 173 WAC. For example, the dangerous waste training standard for personnel migrated from WAC 173-330-303 to WAC 173-303-200(9).

EPA’s Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Rule (“Rag Rule”)

Washington also adopted a new Federal RCRA relief for solvent-contaminated wipes. Under this new rule, wipes and rags contaminated with certain solvents may be excluded from some burdensome RCRA hazardous waste requirements.

The Washington Dangerous Waste Management course now covers the management standards that generators must follow in order to capitalize on the new relief, which EPA estimates will save facilities up to $20—30 million annually.  

Learn more about new RCRA reliefs solvent-contaminated wipes rule.

Single Compliance Reference Manual

In response to student requests, Lion has combined the course lesson workbooks into a single, easy-to-print compliance reference manual. The searchable compliance reference puts all of the critical information for dangerous waste compliance in one place, making it a valuable resource during and after your training.

Meet Washington DOE's Annual Dangerous Waste Training Mandate

Washington’s Department of Ecology requires annual training for hazardous waste personnel at WAC 173-303-200(9). Be confident you and your team know the regulations that impact your activities, and can make informed decisions about compliance.

The major updates to the Washington Dangerous Wastes Management online course are now live on Lion.com.

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