Site Assessment

Site Inspector with EmployeeA proactive compliance strategy is critical to protect your business. A Lion Technology site assessment will help identify potential red flags before they catch the attention of a DOT or EPA inspector and lead to fines and penalties.

Invite a Lion hazmat or RCRA hazardous waste expert to your site to evaluate your procedures, find potential cost-savings, and keep your operations running smoothly. Missing a single requirement can lead to fines as high as $75,000 per day, per violation. 


A Site-specific Debriefing

During a one-day site visit, a trained regulatory expert will meet with you to discuss your unique needs: your materials, employee functions, reporting responsibilities, permits, and other site-specific compliance issues. After a site walk-through and review of your procedures, Lion will lead an informal debriefing session to identify findings, make recommendations, and answer your questions.

Expanding Your Assessment

To get more from your assessment, we can also provide a written report that details our findings. You can leverage this report to make your case for making improvements, changing procedures, cutting costs, and updating your facility’s compliance strategy. Following the site assessment, Lion’s full-time research team will provide you with a written report—complete with regulatory citations, suggested corrective actions/options, and recommendations on possible alternative management practices.

40 Years of Hazmat and RCRA Expertise

A commitment to helping professionals comply with ever-changing industry regulations has defined Lion Technology’s culture and success since 1977. Lion designs and presents high-quality training for compliance professionals, as well as offering regulatory update and assessment services.


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