Hazmat Air Shipper Training

IATA hazmat air shippingMost air carriers will only accept hazardous materials or dangerous goods shipments that comply with the International Air Transport Association Dangerous Goods Regulations. (IATA DGR)  IATA DGR Section 1.5 requires that hazmat employees train in the IATA rules every two years.  

The US DOT allows shippers to follow the IATA DGR if part or all of the shipment goes by air. Shippers who follow the IATA DGR must still meet the US DOT training standard which includes training on the IATA rules. Violations of the IATA DGR, including training, are subject to a maximum civil penalty of $78,376 for a knowing violation and $182,827 for a violation that results in death, serious illness, or severe injury to any person or substantial destruction of property. 

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Air Shipper Training Requirements

Watch this video to learn about the air shipper training mandates for hazmat employees:


Function-specific Training

Hazmat employees must receive "function-specific" training as part of DOT’s initial and recurrent training mandate. Employees who prepare air shipments under the IATA DGR must have a detailed understanding of the additional IATA rules that apply to their hazmat job function.  
Lion Technology’s Hazmat Air Shipper Training provides function-specific courses for employees who— 
  • Oversee hazmat employees/operations
  • Read and apply IATA DGR regulations
  • Classify or name hazardous materials/dangerous goods
  • Sign IATA’s Shipper’s Declaration form 
  • Provide or affix placards
  • Respond to hazmat incidents during transit
  • Select carrier(s) for hazmat shipments
  • Prepare hazmat packages for shipment

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