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RCRA Hazardous Waste Management

Course Code: RCRA P30, RCRA 300

$569 - $795
This course prepares industry professionals to identify, store, and dispose of regulated hazardous wastes in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. Professionals develop a streamlined approach to manage hazardous waste from cradle-to-grave and comply with RCRA Land Disposal Restrictions (LDRs).

US EPA's RCRA hazardous waste regulations require training and annual refresher training for hazardous waste personnel. 

Improper hazardous waste management puts employees at risk and threatens the environment. In January 2020, EPA fines for RCRA noncompliance rose to $75,867 per day, per violation. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identify wastes and activities subject to Federal and State regulation
  • Properly manage hazardous waste and make compliance decisions
  • Help meet initial or annual RCRA training mandates at 40 CFR 262
  • Earn certification points and hours to maintain IHMM, ABIH, NEHA/REHS and other professional certifications/credentials

Registration Includes:

  • Dynamic, engaging, and effective RCRA training
  • Trusted RCRA resources to inform and support your decisions
  • Certificate to document your initial or annual RCRA training
  • CEUs and CM Points to maintain your IHMM, NEHA, ABIH, and REHS credentials
  • Updates for your reference materials throughout the year
  • A full year of Lion Membership for complete compliance support

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management training covers:

  • What is a RCRA hazardous waste?
  • Navigating the RCRA regulations in 40 CFR Part 262
  • Waste ID and choosing waste codes
  • Counting hazardous wastes and calculating generator status
  • How to properly store hazardous waste on site
  • How to mark and label hazardous waste containers
  • Hazardous waste emergency preparedness 
  • RCRA recordkeeping and reporting
  • How to manage universal waste and used oil
  • The new one-time exclusion for episodic generation
  • Requirements for very small quantity generators
  • Process for meeting RCRA Land Disposal Restrictions (LDRs)
  • Alternative RCRA treatment standards
  • Hazardous Waste Manifests and electronic Manifests (e-Manifest)
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Frequently Purchased Together for savings

Frequently Purchased Together

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Online Course Details

Course code RCRA 300
Compatible on Desktop, tablet, or mobile
Duration 14 hours
Access time 90 days
Certificate issued Yes
Training required by US EPA (40 CFR 262.16 and 262.17)

CEUs and Certification Maintenance

CEUs awarded 1.40
IHMM CM Points Up to 14.00
ABIH CM Points Up to 2.34
NEHA Contact Hours 16.00
REHS Contact Hours      16.00
Lion Membership   12 months

See how Lion courses can help you maintain your professional credentials.

Why choose online RCRA hazardous waste management training?

Online RCRA hazardous waste training hazmat training is convenient, cost-effective way to satisfy Federal and State training mandates for hazardous waste personnel.

Produced and kept up-to-date by Lion's team of experienced RCRA hazardous waste trainers, research staff, and regulatory experts, the RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Online Course is comprehensive, reliable, and designed for busy environmental professionals.

Online courses are available 24/7 with support available 7 days a week. Our state-of-the-art learning management system gives you access to tools that will enhance your online training experience:
  • Resume your training from where you left off with automatic bookmarking
  • Track your progress with the detailed course status display
  • Get answers to your course content questions from expert instructors
  • Develop your compliance expertise with engaging interactions
  • Test your knowledge with exercises and quizzes on critical topics
  • Access your complete Lion training history at any time

Reserve your seat now and get a free RCRA training prep course that covers the basics of hazardous waste management to help you prepare for the workshop. 

Workshop Details

Course code RCRA P30
Duration 2 days
Certification issued? Yes
Training required by      US EPA (40 CFR 262.16 and .17)

CEU's and Certification Maintenance

CEUs awarded 1.40
IHMM CM Points Up to 16.00
ABIH CM Points Up to 2.34
NEHA Contact Hours 16.00
REHS Contact Hours 16.00
Lion Membership 12 months
See how Lion courses can help you maintain your professional credentials.

Workshop Schedule (2 Days)

Day 1

7:30 - 8:30 AM Coffee & pastries (Included)
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Training
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break (Time approx.)

Day 2

7:30 - 8:00 AM Coffee & pastries (Included)
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Training
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Complimentary Networking Luncheon (Time approx.)

Why choose the live RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Workshop?

Engaging classroom-style workshops are the foundation of what we do. Lion instructors are engaging, effective teachers who know the US EPA RCRA regulations backwards and forwards and know how to impart that knowledge on to you.
  • Find training in 60+ US cities throughout the year
  • Network with industry peers in an interactive, hands-on environment
  • Receive training and resources updated year round to cover the latest rules
  • Get clarity on complex regulatory subjects from dynamic, professional trainers
  • Get immediate answers to your questions in a live setting

Who attends RCRA Hazardous Waste Management training?

Any individual responsible for ensuring compliance with EPA hazardous waste regulations, including anyone who reads and interprets RCRA regulation, develops facility procedures, or trains other employees. This course is designed for generators, but is helpful for contractors, corporate attorneys, waste brokers, service providers, as well as treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDFs).
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Some of the limited quantity reliefs are identical across the intermodal transport rules, but others are reserved for specific modes of transport. Shippers can and should capitalize on these limited quantity reliefs when possible, but must recognize that some hazmat requirements still apply to shipping limited quantities.

Shipping Hazmat Limited Quantities