FedEx Updates IATA DGR Operator Variations for 2019

Posted on 11/6/2018 by Roger Marks

FedEx recently posted a note to customers regarding its updated operator variations published in the 60th Edition IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).

Operator Variation FX-02 and V-rated Packages


For several years, FedEx has refused to accept Division 6.1, PG I or II dangerous goods for international shipment packed in anything other than “V-rated” packaging.

“V” stands for “variation” and refers to outer packagings that are designed and tested to hold a variety of different inner packagings. This FedEx hazmat packaging requirement was above and beyond the packing instructions in Chapter 5 of the IATA DGR. 

For 2019, FedEx has revised FX-02 and will no longer require V-rated packagings for these shipments. Now FedEx simply requires these shipments to be packed in UN approved Packing Group I (X-rated) packaging. This will give some shippers more flexibility to select hazmat packaging.

Be ready to ship DG by air in 2019! Get your copy of the 60th Edition IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations here.  

Error in Printed 60th Edition IATA DGR

In operator variation FX-05c, FedEx mistakenly included a reference to the “lithium battery handling label” in the printed edition of the 2019 DGR. This has the potential to cause confusion for lithium battery shippers.

As of January 1, 2019, all air shipments of excepted lithium batteries shipped must display the new lithium battery mark, pictured below. This is true whether you ship with FedEx or any other air carrier who requires IATA DGR compliance. The “lithium battery handling label” is now completely phased out and should not be used at all. 

This small error will be corrected in a forthcoming addendum to the 2019 IATA DGR.
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FedEx Air Rules for Lithium Batteries

In late 2016, FedEx and UPS created new lithium battery requirements to their IATA DGRoperator variations. These variations are still in place. Continuing in 2019, FedEx Express will not accept UN 3090 or UN 3480 (lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries) offered as Section II.

Instead, these batteries must be shipped as “fully regulated” and will require UN specification packaging, appropriate package markings, a Class 9 lithium battery label, and a complete Shipper’s Declaration. This also means that to ship lithium batteries by air with FedEx, shippers must provide hazmat training for all employees involved in preparing these shipments.

These bolstered lithium battery rules do not apply to UN numbers 3481 and 3091 (i.e., lithium or metal batteries packed in or with equipment).

See all of the 2019 FedEx operator variations here.

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