New EPA Rules Will Facilitate Worldwide Airbag Recall

Posted on 11/13/2018 by Roger Marks

Built for dealerships and auto parts shippers affected by the Takata recall, the Shipping Auto Airbags and Other Safety Devices Online Course covers the DOT regulations you must know to package, mark, label, and offer airbags for ground transport. Meet DOT’s hazmat training mandate for employees and avoid fines for training violations recently increased to $481 per day, per employee. 

Update: US EPA published its Interim Final Rule Safe Management of Recalled Airbags to the Federal Register on Friday, November 30.

Learn more about the interim Final Rule. 

Original Text (posted 11/13/2018) 

US EPA is working to complete an Interim Final Rule that would exempt defective airbags and airbag inflators collected from auto dealers and scrap yards from the RCRA hazardous waste management requirements. EPA will instead impose less-stringent requirements that ensure the safe management and disposal of airbags and airbag inflators.

EPA plans to issue an Interim Final Rule in December 2018 and a Final Rule in September 2019.

Need hazmat training to ship airbag inflators or seat-belt pretensioners? Be confident you know the latest rules and restrictions that apply to your shipments. The new Shipping Automotive Airbags and Other Safety Devices Online Course focuses on the few hazardous materials you deal with—and not all the ones you don’t.  

Takata Airbag Recall

When deployed, the recalled Takata airbags can rupture and spray metal shards into the car, injuring or killing passengers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) has received recall notifications from BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and other auto manufacturers related to the defective Takata airbags.

To provide the public with information on the NHTSA recall, US DOT has set up a dedicated Website.

Ford F-150 Seatbelt Recall


Takata airbags are not the only automotive safety product in the midst of a recall at the moment. In 2018, Ford Motor Co. recalled about two million of its flagship F-150 pickup trucks following reports of smoking seatbelts. 

Ship airbags and seatbelts? Be confident you know how to keep your shipments in compliance with the latest DOT hazmat regulations and hazmat training requirements. The Shipping Automotive Airbags and Other Safety Devices Online Course provides full hazmat training for managers and personnel who prepare safety devices for transport by ground or air. 

Hazardous Waste Management Training for Generators

As a hazardous waste subject to the RCRA hazardous waste requirements, recalled airbags and airbag inflators currently face strict regulation.

Depending on how much hazardous waste per month your site creates, the employer—whether it’s a chemical manufacturing plant or an auto parts retail store—must provide hazardous waste training for personnel and comply with detailed waste counting, management, labeling, storage, reporting, recordkeeping, disposal, and transport requirements.

For nationally renowned training to oversee hazardous waste compliance at your workplace, join Lion for the RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Workshop, presented nationwide.

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