2019 Preview: DOT Hazmat Regulations to Watch

Posted on 10/23/2018 by Roger Marks and James Griffin, CDGP

The semi-annual Regulatory Agenda for Fall 2018 is out now. This Agenda provides insight into what kind of rulemakings major Federal agencies—including US DOT, FAA, EPA, and OSHA—have planned for the next six months.

Lion Members can check out a full breakdown of the Agenda in the Member Area. 

Below, we’re going to cover a handful of the most impactful new hazmat rules coming in late 2018 and early 2019.

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Proposed Rule: Enhanced Safety Provisions for Lithium Batteries

RIN 2137-AF20

DOT will update its rules for shipping lithium batteries by air by adopting emergency amendments added to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) dangerous goods requirements for air shipments.

The new rules for lithium batteries shipped by air will:

  • Prohibit the transport of lithium-ion cells and batteries as cargo on passenger aircraft.
  • Add a requirement that lithium-ion cells and batteries be shipped at 30 percent state-of-charge or less.
  • Limit the use of alternative provisions for small lithium cell or battery shipments to one package per consignment per overpack.
PHMSA will provide limited relief from the passenger aircraft prohibition and the state-of-charge restriction for small lithium-ion batteries transported entirely within Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. A Final Rule is expected as soon as October 2018.

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Final Rule Oil Spill Response Plans and Information Sharing for High-Hazard Flammable Trains

RIN 2137-AF08

Before the end of this year (2018), PHMSA plans to complete its Final Rule to expand the applicability of comprehensive oil spill response plans (OSRP) based on thresholds of liquid petroleum that apply to an entire train. In addition to expanded oil spill notification rules, this DOT Final Rule will require railroads to share information about high-hazard flammable train operations with State and Tribal emergency response authorities.

Under the current Clean Water Act requirements for oil spill response plans, plans are only required when transporting volumes greater than 1,000 barrels or 42,000 gallons per package. Because a rail car carrying crude oil can hold up to 30,000 gallons, railroads are not currently covered under this existing requirement.

Note that this PHMSA rulemaking will not impact the rules for “basic” oil spill response plans, which are already required for containers with a capacity of 3,500 gallons or more.

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Final Rule: Miscellaneous Amendments Pertaining to DOT Specification Cylinders

RIN 2137-AE80

PHMSA plans to amend the HMR to revise certain requirements for the manufacture, use, and requalification of DOT-specification cylinders. This rulemaking action was spurred on by petitions for rulemaking submitted by industry and stakeholder groups.

Among the updates in this forthcoming Final Rule are:

  • Incorporating by reference or updating references to several Compressed Gas Association publications.
  • Expanding the use of salvage cylinders.
  • Revising and clarifying the manufacture requirements for cylinders.
  • Revising and clarifying the requalification requirements for cylinders. 
PHMSA believes this Final Rule will be promulgated in February 2019.

Other Hazmat Updates Coming Soon

But those aren’t the only rules coming for hazmat shippers. Not even close.
Other new rules coming soon include PHMSA’s response to petitions from industry to modify and clarify regulations (RIN 2137-AF09), a harmonization rulemaking to match DOT hazmat regulations with international standards (RIN 2137-AF32), and the continued conversion of hazmat Special Permits into the text of 49 CFR (RIN 2137-AF34). 

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