What’s New In the 2018 IATA DGR?

Posted on 8/21/2017 by Roger Marks

The 59th Edition of the International Air Transport Association’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA DGR) manual is out now and available for pre-order at The IATA DGR is updated annually and all revised requirements take effect on January 1 of each new year. Revisions covered below will take effect on January 1, 2018 for hazmat air shippers.  

The 2018 edition of the DGR incorporates amendments to the IATA manual made in 2017 as well as addenda to the International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous GoodsICAO TI for short.

Major changes for hazmat air shippers in the 2018 IATA DGR include:

  • Updated operator variations;
  • Changes to Special Provisions A70 and A203;
  • New restrictions for lithium batteries (UN 3090 and 3480) overpacked with materials in Class 1, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1, or Division 5.1;
  • Revised packing instructions for engines, lithium batteries, and more;
  • Reordering the list of Class 9 materials in DGR subsection 3.9.2;
  • New recommendation on size of UN number on the lithium battery marking; and
  • A new Appendix I that details changes shippers can expect in 2019.
See the full list of “Significant Changes and Amendments to the 59th Edition (2018) IATA DGR here.

2018 IATA DGR: $10 Off and Free Shipping

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What is the IATA DGR?

The International Air Transport Association’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA DGR) is the manual used by hazmat shippers, freight forwarders, brokers, and airlines to mitigate the risks posed by hazardous materials during air transport.  The IATA DGR combines international hazmat regulations from the United Nations, the ICAO TI, with unique requirements and preferences of member airlines—including passenger airlines and major cargo carriers like UPS and FedEx.

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