Airlines Crack Down on Lithium Battery Powered Luggage

Posted on December 4,2017 by Roger Marks

Frequent flyers take note! Delta and American Airlines made announcements last week that you should be aware of. These airlines will no longer allow passengers to check “smart baggage” with unremovable lithium batteries. Lithium batteries pose unique fire hazards in transport—as dangerous goods professionals know all too well.

Luggage-Blog.jpgOther airlines, including United, are reviewing their policies to determine whether a similar restriction is warranted.

Battery-powered Luggage? What?

Battery-powered luggage or “smart bags” are defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as bags with features such as:
  • A lithium-ion battery and a motor that allows the bag to act as a transportation device like a scooter;
  • A lithium-ion battery power bank that allows charging of electronic devices;
  • GPS tracking devices;
  • Electronic locks or baggage tags;
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or RFID capability; and
  • A lithium-ion battery and motor that allows the bag to self-propel.
On American Airlines and American Eagle flights, starting January 15, 2018, passengers may no longer check “smart bags” with unremovable lithium batteries. These bags can be carried on, provided they meet the criteria for carry-ons. See the press release here.

Delta will not accept “smart bags” as checked or carry-on luggage if the lithium battery cannot be removed. See Delta’s notification here.

Shipping Lithium Batteries—Online or Live in North Jersey!

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