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Lion's Compliance Jams 2018

Posted on 3/12/2018 by Roger Marks

We’ve hand-picked some killer tracks that we know environmental, transportation, and safety professionals can relate to. Listen below or check out our Youtube page.

Need hazmat or RCRA training? Contact us today for a free consultation. Lion offers options to keep your facility safe, efficient, and in compliance—whether you ship dangerous goods, manage RCRA or State hazardous wastes, supervise personnel, or have responsibilities for EPA air, water, or chemical compliance.

1.       Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) - Stevie Wonder 

We know this one hits home for shipping managers and hazmat pros. When you sign hazmat shipping papers or the Hazardous Waste Manifest, you take on an enormous responsibility. You certify not only that the package is properly sealed, but that the material was classified, named, packaged, marked, labeled and documented in compliance with the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

Your signature means a lot, and that means a lot to us at Lion.

Join us for reliable, engaging dangerous goods training when the Complete Multimodal Hazmat Shipper Workshops come your way in 2018.

In March and April: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, and more.


2.       Put A Label on It - Ryan Follese 


This pop country song has a good hook and some even better advice for hazardous materials shippers. Choosing and affixing hazmat labels that accurately describe your material, are the right size, and meet DOT’s other general requirements for markings and labels is critical. 

Have questions about how new OSHA-mandated GHS labels forhazardous chemicals will impact your hazmat shipping processes? Sign in for the popular GHS for Hazmat Compliance Shippers Webinar on April 19. In 90 minutes, we cover what’s new for shippers, how to label containers and packages under GHS, and how the new HazCom Standard impacts compliance with international DG regulations like the IATA DGR and the IMDG Code.


3. Favorite Waste of Time - Bette Midler

 Favorite waste? That’s a tough one.

You’ve got ignitable and combustible wastes; corrosives, toxics, and reactives; the F List, the K List, the P List, the U List, D001s, 2s, 3s, and so on; California’s extra hazardous wastes, Texas’ industrial ones, dangerous waste in Washington State, PCBs in New York, universal wastes like lamps, batteries, and CRTs; acutely hazardous waste; sludges, off-spec chemicals—and we’re just getting warmed up. 

Find training and resources you need to manage and store your favorite waste—
or just the wastes you’ve got to manage—at Lion.com/RCRA.


4. Dangerous - Michael Jackson 


“Take away my money/Take away my time,” the King of Pop croons on this all-time classic.
Both of those things are a possibility when facilities mismanage hazardous materials and waste.  

Nine executives and managers of a California firm, for example, now personally face criminal sentences that include months in jail and/or six-figure fines for illegal storage and transport of hazardous materials and hazardous waste. 


5. Manifest - Grayson Erhard


In this dreamy folk ballad, the singer sounds reflective and a little bit sorrowful. We think that’s
because paper Hazardous Waste Manifests, in use for 30 years, will this year give way to EPA’s new Electronic Manifest (e-Manifest) system. 

Get up to speed on EPA’s new electronic Manifest system and be ready to make optimal decisions about how your facility uses the new system. The EPA’s New E-Manifest System Webinar kicks off on May 15.


6.  The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats


You can’t make a hazmat safety playlist and not include this one. 

Lion doesn’t do dance courses, but we offer effective, engaging OSHA safety training on critical general industry OSHA Standards like HAZWOPER, HazCom, bloodborne pathogens, lockout/tagout, confined spaces, and more at Lion.com/OSHA. 

These OSHA safety courses engage employees with interactions and other proven e-learning tools that drill home crucial practices for safe workplace practices. Employees who take an active role in safety training retain more of what they learn and can better protect themselves and co-workers from the hazards in the workplace.


7. Regulation Time – Booker T. Jones


From the moment you step on site until you leave, regulations of all kinds govern nearly every
move you make. Spend some quality “regulation time” at Lion.com/Members, where Lion Members can review the 49 CFR hazardous materials and RCRA hazardous waste regulations in an easy-to-use digital format.

Find out more about Membership here. 


8. Making Chemicals – The Giving Moon


Here’s one for all the chemical manufacturers out there! We chose this jam for its nice little riff,
simple structure, and steady pop beat.

If you make chemicals, make Lion your choice for convenient, reliable training on all the rules
that impact your operations—from domestic and international hazmat rules to RCRA hazardous
waste, TSCA, EPCRA, CERCLA, OSHA HazCom, HAZWOPER, and more.


9. Love Gone to Waste - The Robert Cray Band

We see this song as a cautionary tale about correct use of RCRA hazardous waste recycling reliefs.

If you don’t use you lose, baby” the singer warns. He could easily be singing about new exclusions from the Definition of Solid Waste for secondary materials recycled in certain ways. Be confident you know how to capitalize on the RCRA reliefs and exclusions that could save your site time and money.

Join us to discover new best practices and cost-saving reliefs at the Advanced Hazardous Waste Management Workshop, presented nationwide.

Or, check out the RCRA Recycling Reliefs Online Course to find out which reliefs you can use,
how to use them, and how much your facility can save.


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