Returning to Work During COVID-19

A Guide for EHS Professionals 

Complete the form at right to download the free Lion guide COVID-19 & Workplace Safety. The guide contains insights and resources to help you protect employees from exposure to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as businesses reopen across the US.

COVID return to work guide      Get insights & resources to help you:
  • Clean and disinfect your workplace
  • Inform and train workers
  • Take steps to limit exposure
  • Properly record work-related illness
  • Meet your OSH Act responsibilities

Coronavirus and the Workplace

Free On-demand Webinar Recorded May 27
Complete the form at right to view this on-demand webinar recording for reliable answers about how COVID-19 impacts employee safety and OSHA compliance. 

     In the webinar, we discuss:
  • Latest agency guidance on COVID-19
  • Employer responsibilities in an outbreak
  • Employer and employee precautions
  • PPE and respiratory protection guidance
  • Recording COVID-19 cases at work

See ongoing updates on workplace health and safety, hazardous materials, and environmental compliance related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, visit our Coronavirus EHS News Hub.