Returning to Work During COVID-19

A Guide for EHS Professionals 

Complete the form at right to download the free Lion guide Back to Work Safely. The guide contains insights and resources to help you protect employees from exposure to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as businesses reopen across the US.

COVID return to work guide      Get insights & resources to help you:
  • Clean and disinfect your workplace
  • Inform and train workers
  • Take steps to limit exposure
  • Properly record work-related illness
  • Meet your OSH Act responsibilities

Coronavirus and the Workplace

Free On-demand Webinar Recorded May 27
Complete the form at right to view this on-demand webinar recording for reliable answers about how COVID-19 impacts employee safety and OSHA compliance. 

     In the webinar, we discuss:
  • Latest agency guidance on COVID-19
  • Employer responsibilities in an outbreak
  • Employer and employee precautions
  • PPE and respiratory protection guidance
  • Recording COVID-19 cases at work

See ongoing updates on workplace health and safety, hazardous materials, and environmental compliance related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, visit our Coronavirus EHS News Hub.